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By September 30, 2020 April 7th, 2021 Blog, Divorce
Mens Divorce Book

Divorce For Men Book Launches on Amazon

We know divorce. We are experts in divorce for men, and that is why we ‘wrote the book’ on Divorce For Men!

Men’s Divorce Experts are delighted to announce the publication of our new book, the first in our Divorce Bootcamp series: Men’s Divorce Bootcamp: Getting You Into Divorce-Winning Shape. Covering the pitfalls, mistakes, and specifics that men need to know about getting divorced, this is an invaluable guide for anyone about to embark on the process – or who have already started!

A collaboration with some of our Divorce Experts, the book is available on Amazon in eBook format, with the print book coming soon.

Mens Divorce Book

About Men’s Divorce Bootcamp: Getting You Into Divorce-Winning Shape

Men’s Divorce Bootcamp” is your essential guide for getting men into divorce-winning shape. 

Avoiding the perils, pitfalls, and dangers of divorce IS possible…but you need to be at top of your game, with your reflexes sharp and playbook prepped.  

Like ramping up for any strenuous activity, achieving divorce success requires training and practice. The reason is simple: Divorcing without a plan dooms you to injury and failure… and with divorce, that injury can last a lifetime. 

You don’t want to just survive your divorce. You want to exit it thriving! 

And the Men’s Divorce Bootcamp book has the inside track to get you there… 

With strategies and tips from divorce experts, child custody experts, financial experts, and coaches, you will instantly learn what to prepare for legally, emotionally, and financially — with insider secrets, tips, and advice to protect your rights, and to save you time, money and hassle!  

The Men’s Divorce Bootcamp book is what men need to know about divorce. It is your essential strategy for protecting your blind side. 

Written by experts in their respective fields, this book cuts through the BS to help men who are considering divorce or separation understand what steps to take to prepare to safeguard their rights, their parenting time, and their future.

Learn exactly how to get into divorce-winning shape and hit the post-divorce ground running!”

Order the Men’s Divorce Bootcamp ebook on Amazon.