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Conflict Divorce

High Conflict Divorce

Your divorce expert team: smart, agile and ready to zealously protect your rights.

Does the end of your marriage feel more like the beginning of a war?

When you are caught up in a high conflict divorce, everything is a fight. The house. The kids. The stock portfolio. Even the microwave. Warring spouses aren’t going to let anything go, and the more entrenched you become, the more destined your divorce is to become a litigated court battle royale.

High conflict divorce is often fueled by emotional betrayal, anger, hurt, one or more conflicts of interest.

In some cases, going to court is the best and most appropriate option for resolving a high conflict divorce. The litigated divorce process involves spouses attending multiple court hearings, and possibly a divorce trial, where a judge will hear evidence and make a ruling that both spouses must accept.

Divorce expert tip: Every spouse caught up in a divorce battle should know that MOST high conflict divorces have the potential to become low conflict matters that can be settled civilly and swiftly out of court. Whether matters require the time and expense of court, or can be settled amicably and fairly out of court, often comes down to the divorce experts involved. Are you choosing smart divorce experts who know how to diffuse tension and help you explore all your options?

Your High Conflict
Divorce Expert Team

Your family law attorney is a crucial team member in high conflict divorce.

In high conflict/contested divorce, your attorney must be masterful and savvy in advocating for your rights in court. You need someone with an excellent track record for getting results for their clients; an attorney who is a true gladiator. The courtroom is nowhere to go it alone or have subpar representation.

But even the best trial attorney needs to have other skills in order to be the right expert you need. Think about Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. They are experts at catching and running with the ball despite tough interference from the opposing team. However, that’s not all a quarterback does. During the entire game, the quarterback is constantly evaluating the team’s performance and readjusting the team’s strategy to call the best next play.

As your divorce expert quarterback, you need an attorney who knows how to recognize the smart plays. If your divorce conflict involves only one or two hot button contested issues, for example, your attorney may recommend that the rest of the divorce can be mediated – saving you time and money. Or maybe your attorney sees a way to make a key deal offer before trial that you and your spouse can both accept, thus steering you clear of a dragged out court battle.

To find a high conflict specialist attorney near you, use our divorce expert attorney directory. Don’t leave your legal representation to chance.

Completing your team

Therapist: The emotional fallout of high conflict divorce can be extreme. A marriage and family therapist can provide you with a safe place to clear your mind and gain coping skills and tools for avoiding unnecessary drama with your ex. If parental alienation has ripped your relationships with your kids apart, working with a high conflict family therapist will be a key to reunification with your kids. Find an expert therapist now.

Custody Evaluator: Your case may involve a custody evaluator who creates a report with custody recommendations for the court. Having a say in the child experts involved in your matter is critical for safeguarding your children in high conflict divorce. Find expert custody evaluators now.

Financial Analyst/Business Valuator: For spouses with considerable assets and business shares, financial experts can help provide an accurate picture of each spouse’s income, financial status and budget needs. Financial experts are especially helpful if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets or alimony is a hotly contested item in your divorce.

Lifestyle coach: Divorcing a high conflict personality can really do a number on your confidence. Do you need help with everyday concerns like finding a new career, getting back on the dating scene, updating your wardrobe, or finding a new place to live? A lifestyle coach (also called a divorce coach) can help. Find lifestyle coaches now.

Ready to dial down the conflict? Learn more about mediation, a lower conflict way to divorce.