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Divorce Mediation

The low-conflict way to divorce quickly, privately and without the stress of going to court

Looking for a win-win in your divorce? Try mediation. The low conflict settlement method has become the gold standard for spouses wishing to resolve the terms of their divorce quickly, privately and without the time and cost involved in going through the court system.

Mediation works because it’s flexible, allows for creative problem solving, and gives you more control over the outcome of your divorce.

Our expert advice? It’s always worth exploring if mediation could be a good fit for your divorce.

What is divorce mediation?

When spouses decide to mediate their divorce, they enter into a low-conflict process to reach a settlement in their divorce with the help of a neutral third party mediator. Mediation is designed to save you time, money and stress over litigating your matter in court.

In mediation sessions, usually held at the mediator’s office or some other mutually convenient location, spouses work together to reach agreements in all the various issues involved in their divorce – from child custody, child support and parenting time to alimony and how marital property such as homes or businesses is fairly divided, and all other issues. Mediation can also be used to resolve a number of issues, such as all child-related matters in your divorce.

The mediator, through training and specialized knowledge, facilitates negotiations by providing legal information and options. Once a marital settlement agreement is reached through mediation, it is submitted to the courts and the divorce is final.

Mediation is a non-binding process. If either side finds the terms to be unacceptable, they can request further negotiation or take the matter to court.

Divorce expert tip: Are you in the public eye, or have other reasons for wanting to keep your divorce off the public record? One of mediation’s major benefits is its ability to keep the details of your divorce completely private. Unlike public court records that end up in searchable public databases, personal and financial details shared in mediation and divorce settlement terms are completely private.

Finding an expert divorce mediator

Your divorce mediator is someone you and your spouse will hire together. To make the right choice, you both should feel comfortable and confident that this legal professional has the skills and experience needed to understand the unique issues in your divorce and facilitate calm, focused work sessions.

A mediator is not a judge. Their role is to provide information about the law and resolution options for you to explore and discuss as you make decisions. Please be aware that many people hang out a shingle and call themselves a mediator. To find an expert mediator, look closely at their background. A family law attorney or a retired judge will have the savvy to keep negotiations moving smoothly and the fluency in the law needed for a fair and accurate settlement. Your choice of mediator can make or break how well the process will work for you.

The right expert attorney for mediation

When mediating a divorce, you need an expert family attorney who understands the fine art of negotiation and has a proven track record of helping clients navigate the mediation process. If you have unique needs, such as the need to determine child custody or divide a business asset, your attorney will be important for providing added support in making decisions on these issues.

The right expert attorney for mediation

Depending on the issues involved in your divorce, you may need to connect with child custody evaluators, business valuators, and accountants to provide information to help you and your spouse make decisions. Negotiation requires a clear head and seeing a therapist can help work through your emotions so you stay focused and calm, even when there is a snag.

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