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Your finances and financial matters in divorce are one of the key components that you need to agree with your spouse. Financial matters are around two key items: assets and alimony (spousal support).

Assets may include:

  • your home
  • other property
  • a business
  • collections
  • stocks, shares, and other portfolio items
  • pensions
  • inheritances
  • intellectual property

Alimony is an amount paid to the less financially affluent spouse. Also known as spousal support, the length of payment depends upon the state you divorce in.

Financial experts that may be required in divorce:

  • business evaluations experts
  • financial advisor
  • real estate appraiser
  • auditor
  • forensic accountant
  • appraiser for special collections (wine, art, etc).

To get expert help with your divorce finances, or a recommendation to a divorce financial expert, please do get in touch.